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October 2023


Rally with the Gitxsan November 21st, 10am Smithers BC


JOIN US Nov.21, 10AM. Gitxsan Chiefs, members, First Nations and Allies will protest legalized collusion of industry-led BC Supreme Court injunctions against First Nations land defenders -allowing the looting of our natural resource on our lands. RCMP-C-IRG deploy their militarized squadron to terrorize our people and our way of life. We will gather at 10 am at The Sunshine Inn – the defacto RCMP C-IRG Barracks- and march to the BC Supreme Court steps.


“It starts out with the government giving approval to the industry. People coming on our land, and they’re doing that without our prior, informed consent,” she said.
“An injunction is made [as a] full stop, there’s no dialogue … they can bring in the armed martial law with guns and dogs meant to threaten and intimidate. Is that reconciliation?”

Simoogit Geel (Catherine Blackstock)

About the Gitxsan

Gitxsan Chiefs March in Vancouver

On October 11 Gitxsan Hereditary chiefs brought downtown Vancouver to a standstill as they led a peaceful protest to the steps of the BC Supreme Court. Their goal was to bring attention to the use of militarized RCMP C-Ring in the community and calls for this unit to be dismantled.

The protest received wide spread media attention and reporting in many outlets across the country.

“The laws that are imposed on us, you know, it seems to be one-sided,” Gitxsan Hereditary Chief Clifford Sampare said in an interview with Canada’s National Observer. “There’s no consideration for our traditional laws, and our law is to protect the land. When we try to go and protect our territories, they call a militia on us.”

canadas national observer

Read the full Story Here ‘How is that reconciliation?’: Hereditary Gitxsan Nation chiefs rally for their rights

On November 21st The Chiefs will once again be looking to bring the attention to the BC Supreme Court protecting their community as they March in Smithers, BC.

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Come and Show YOUR Support AGAINST Legalized Corruption

Commencing at 10:30AM, Wednesday October 11, 2023 the Gitxsan will gather and lead a peaceful protest from the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery to the Supreme Court in protest against Legalized Corruption that is happening right now in our Territory!

Join MC Gordon Sebastian, Hereditary Chiefs from the Clans of Frog, Eagle, Wolf and Fireweed along with Special Guest Speakers as we RALLY to bring about change to achieve the following;

  1. Stop industry-led injunctions that allow industry looting of indigenous lands
  2. To pressure the RCMP to sign the Armistice Agreement tabled by the Gitxsan Huwilp Government
  3. To dismantle the RCMP C-IRG (only militarized unit in Canada)

Speakers in Order of Appearance

Master of CeremoniesLuutkudziiwus /Gordon Sebastian

Simogit Skayan /Anita Sebastian

Simogyat Moolaxan/ Norman Moore

Larry Skulsh Simogyat Wiiminosik

Simoogit Geel/ Catherine Blackstock

Simogyat Gwiiyeehl /Brian Williams

Simogyat Sakumhiigok /Vernon Smith

Simogyat Nii Kyap /Clifford Sampare

Simogyat Niist gant Baskyehlaxha /Bill Blackwater Sr.

The Rally Route .

The Rally meeting point will be at the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery and the protestors will walk straight down Howe Street (stopping all south bound traffic) to the Supreme Court steps which are right on Nelson Street.

Who Should Attend?

All First Nations and Allies


DAY OF LOGISTICS CONTACT: Linda Bilben 604.505.3171.



Save the Date, October 11, 2023

Save the Date and Show your Support.

On October 11th, join us in a Peaceful Protest

  • Industry-led injunctions ordered by the BC Supreme Court Chief Justice to allow the looting of indigenous lands must STOP
  • The RCMP volunteering to deploy the Community – Industry Response Group (C-IRG) – which is under investigation for corruption – as a military solution to perpetrate industry greed must STOP
  • For the RCMP to extinguish indigenous peoples’ fulsome rights on their lands, threaten our lives, terrorize our women and children, weaponize our land defense is indefensible and must STOP

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