Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to your most commonly asked questions.

Who is working behind the scenes of the Gitxsan Huwilp Government?

The Huwilp Government is led by the Simgiigyat. In total there are 38 Simgiigyat that make up the government today and that number is growing. In the next 24 months our government structure will grow with more Simgiigyat added and new staff roles that will support operations and objectives of the government structure.

This January, the government took action on implementing their strategy by aligning the Gigeenix Simgiigyat (up river hereditary chiefs) and Gyeets Simgiigyat (down river hereditary chiefs).

What is the purpose of this site?

This website is the central hub for information about the progress and activities of the Gitxsan Huwilp Government.

The Gitxsan Huwilp Government is committed to create new tools for regular engagement with all Gitxsan and the public.

All of the new communications tools are intended to create transparency and accountability for all matters that affect the Gitxsan.

Why should I support this process?

What is unique about the governance model is that it combines the Gitxsan traditional laws, systems and knowledge with a modern government structure, moving the whole of northwest British Columbia towards balance, respect, unity and prosperity.

CREATES OPPORTUNITIES TO IMPROVE OUR QUALITY OF LIFE: Under the leadership of the Simgiigyat, the Huwilp Government is working to protect protect the fisheries tenure on the Skeena Nass Watershed, to create more jobs and training, and to create more economic opportunities in the laxyip.

CELEBRATES OUR GITXSAN IDENTITY: The Huwilp Government creates a strong unified platform to affirm and celebrate our identity and “status” as Gitxsan.

HELPS OTHERS UNDERSTAND OUR WAY: The Gitxsan Huwilp Government is expanding the knowledge of both the provincial and federal governments understanding of the Gitxsan government and our structure.

PROTECTS THE LAXYIP: With stewardship programs that will ensure the use and access of our natural resources (fish and moose to start) is done sustainably, according to Ayook.


How can I get involved, ask a question or provide feedback?



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